Ongoing Projects

[Andrew Wilfred Smith:  August 1998]Andrew Smith, at 18 months during the 1998 TRF Summer Party. He loved the cars, playing with the lug nuts (or the steering wheel if inside), and especially liked TR6's and TR3's (he tried to climb right into a couple of TR3's).

Andrew is now driving his own go-kart and is active in Scouting. His Pinewood Derby car took second for the pack last year and went 9th in District, 15th in Council! (2004) and this year, his Jaguar Pinewood Derby racer took first in the pack!

[Andrew's Pinewood Derby Winner: Jaguar D-Type]

TR7 30th Anniversary Edition      1979-1998      Rest in Peace
Spitfire 1500 (now off to a new home...)
TR7 Spider V8 (Project car)
1980 TR7 (Current runner)
1981 TR7 FI (FOR SALE!)

Coming Soon... Grassroots Motorsports 2006 Challenge entry: 1971 Spitfire Mk IV with Mazda 13B rotary power!